Club Havana


Soul Control Rush
Soul Control

In 1998 the boys purchased Club Havana and again the main Saturday night was hosted by Soul Control. The night was called Rush and became legendary in its own right as Soul Control had to appeal to a younger clientele many of them who had first heard of Soul Control from their parents! Rush, featuring DJ’s Kaos, Leaky Fresh, Bizzy B and Soul Control was the main Soul night in the UK for its four year duration and boys will readily admit they still get a buzz from hearing twenty-something’s talking about “The good old days at Havana”!

Sugar & Spice

Soul Control - Dj EZ

October 1999 saw the launch of the UK's most successful weekly UK Underground Garage event, Sugar & Spice. Headed by Trix, Hayley, Rob and Metz, the team were responsible for bringing every major UKG DJ to Club Havana and were obsessed with doing so. Every DJ who appeared at Sugar & Spice were underpinned by The Untouchables which featured DJ's Subject C, CB and Rick-O-Chet.

The MC's in the click included Rokket, JD, Killa, Intensity, Tekka  and Global Bhangra stars Metz & Trix. The craziest thing was, The Untouchables were arguably better than almost ALL of the other established DJ's who appeared at Club Havana, and many a time they have had to rescue a night from a top named DJ who didn't quite live up the exacting standards set by The Untouchables at Sugar & Spice. Weekly practice, made perfect!

Steppaz Presha

Soul Control - Roni Size
Roni Size

Hosted by Viagra Fools, Steppaz Presha broke the mould by becoming Manchester's first weekly Jungle event. Every major DJ appeared on this classic Thursday night including Ronnie Size, Goldie, Jack Frost and Mickey Finn to name a few. Many a time it was mentioned by the guest DJ's that Club Havana's legendary Macro DB Sound System rattled their spines loose and almost made them lose control of their bodily functions because the Bass was so heavy! They all appreciated playing on such a huge and powerful Sound System that was specifically built to enhance Underground Urban Music.

It was decided from the outset that this event was going to be based on Jungle and not on the very often diluted Drum & Bass copy. Steppaz Presha was raw, underground and returned Jungle to its Urban roots . This iconic Jungle brand always kept the Bass Presha at full tilt, which in turn spawned a generation of devoted followers. People travelled from all over the UK to attend Steppaz Presha and along with Guidance at Sankey Soap, they both kept Jungle alive throughout 1990's Manchester.

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