Elegance @ Moso Moso Thai Restaurant, 29th September 2007

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Elegance @ Moso Moso Thai Restaurant, Oxford Road, Manchester. Saturday 29th September 2007
Review - Soul Control Posse

After a slow start to Manchester’s newest Soul Night monthly back in July, Elegance certainly took a step forward on its third outing in September. The night was controversially billed as “Playing the tunes the other DJ’s are too scared to play”, so it was with great interest that “The Posse” went so see what would happen when this policy was employed. DJ Bullitz as he was known in his Sunset and Soul Nation Radio days or BLZ as he now likes to be known is the main man behind Elegance along with his long standing buddy and stalwart of the Manc music scene Leaky Fresh.

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The concept behind Elegance is for its patrons to wine, dine, eat, meet and move their feet.  The night is primarily aimed at 30 -50 something’s who have found a renewed sense of clubbing freedom, because just like myself most of their kids are past that baby-sitting age. Actually if they’re anything like me their kids a raving harder than they ever did!!!!

On this particular night the special guest DJ was Manchester legend Hewan Clarke. The evening was well enough attended with a few new faces, but in the main the audience was of a standard Mancunian Soul crowd. Soul Control thought the night went well enough as Soul nights go, the DJ’s Leaky & Bullitz spun many timeless classics and threw in some surprises too. The crowd generally occupied the dance floor for the majority of the night as old friends flexed their booties well into the night…..well as much as their bodies would allow them to!

We thought the music was a little up & down at times, but this happens at most events. Hewan played toward the end of the night when the pace had slowed and he admirably rounded off what was an enjoyable rather than red-hot evening. As the crowds drifted away at the end, one question kept bugging Soul Control, what happened to “Playing the tunes the other DJ’s are too scared to play”?

T 2 Bad spoke to Bullitz the next afternoon and posed the same question to him. He spluttered something about just going with the flow and giving the people what they requested. I think in his statement lies a lesson for us all, it’s quite easy to sit on the sidelines thinking that entertaining a crowd for an evening is a piece of “The Proverbial” but when you turn theory into practice in the arena where it matters, it’s “Different Tings” as they say!

Soul Control Verdict:
Moso Moso is well worth a look, it’s aimed at a more discerning audience, but in the main we knew almost everyone there which proved the Soul Masses of Manchester are more discerning than you may think.

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 3 Star Review