Soul Out @ Barca, Saturday 13th October 2007

Soul Control - Barca Review

Soul Out @ Barca, Castlefield Manchester,Saturday 13th October 2007
Review - Soul Control Posse

What a relief, after having to endure 2 hours of Norman Jay @ Mint Lounge, we all bailed out to the tried and tested Soul Out Nights which are run by the well-known Town Head Wadey at Barca in Castlefield. Soul out may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we think that the reason’s behind this confirms the saying that familiarity breeds contempt. Soul Out provides regular and solid if a little unspectacular entertainment and has done so for many years, and for me that isn’t a good enough reason to say that it’s nothing special.

Soul COntrol - Barca

Think of a Manchester without Soul Out or anything like it, then what would you all do?......Exactly!!

Anyway we weren’t in Barca long enough to make an informed opinion as to how the night went. The Old Skool room was where all the action seemed to be taking place and this was hosted by Alex Bad Bum! Only joking…. Alex Bad Ass was spinning the usual Soul Out fare whilst in the up-front room DJ Tiny G was playing to only a handful of people. I was reliably informed though that the crowd had been 2-ing and fro-ing between the 2 main rooms all night with none dominating more than the other.

The 3rd room was dead in all honesty and we didn’t stick around long enough to find out why as our night had been disasterous enough because of our Norman Jay nightmare earlier.

Soul Control Verdict:
Soul Out is what it is, it’s that comfy pair of slippers you don’t want to throw away. Use it or lose it, because you’ll never know what you’ve lost until it’s gone!!!!

Soul Control Rating:

Soul COntrol - 2 star Review