Norman Jay - Nish Nash Nosh @ Mint Lounge Saturday 13th October 2007

Soul Control - Norman Jay Review

Norman Jay - Nish Nash Nosh @ Mint Lounge Oldham Street, Manchester. Saturday 13th October 2007
Review - T 2 Bad

Boy was this a stressful night! I was filled with trepidation before I even got there to be honest. A friend bought me a ticket (without my knowledge) and just assumed I’d want to go. I asked her if she’d ever heard him play and she smugly nodded. Knowing her as I do I thought Bollocks, she must have been well mashed when she was there because Norman Jay wasn’t her kind of DJ!

Soul Control - Norman Jay

Anyway as we arrived at the Mint Lounge the 2 queues looked mightily impressive but I was a bit annoyed at having to wait for 20 minutes before being allowed in even though the ticket only queue had less than 10 people in it. The Mint Lounge was bouncing; it was packed, hot, and a little sweaty but the atmosphere of anticipation was there.
The music was extremely niche. Norman was spinning 70’s and 80’s funk tracks and the crowd were responding but I get the feeling they were responding to the legend of Mr Jay more than to what he was playing. One funky babe approached me and asked when Norman Jay was on, she said this DJ’s wearing a bit thin now. When I said Norman’s been on for the last hour her mouth dropped…..I think that was the beginning of the end of her night and mine too!
In my opinion, a popular track is popular because the majority of people like it, Norman seemed pre-occupied with playing obscure album tracks which may have impressed the other DJ’s present, but for a fair number of the raver’s who’d laid out there hard earned dough to be there, it was becoming a tiresome bore. Needless to say, after 2 hours me and the friends I was with had had our fill of Norman for the evening and mid-way through his set along with half the club we were gone.

Soul Control Verdict:
There was a club full of ravers primed for a good night, but sadly Norman failed to deliver. Norman Jay plays a little different to what most users of this site are used to, personally if I were you I’d think twice if you’re ever tempted to listen to him expecting to be entertained.

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 1 Star Review