Reno Revival Part 2 @ Mint Lounge 27 December 2007

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Elegance @ Moso Moso Thai Restaurant, Oxford Road, Manchester. Saturday 29th September 2007
Review - Gaynor

I had a good night, maybe a little bit more than good, so let’s say intriguing! The atmosphere at the Mint Lounge had its ups and downs throughout the night in my opinion, there were more Reno tunes to be heard, the place rocked for a period and then went a little flat again, but only for short periods of time. No disrespect to the DJ’s though as they played extremely well, (not that I know anything of DJs). I enjoyed the vibe of the night, the company and faces that I had forgotten about which reminded me of old times, that’s where the REVIVAL part properly kicked in.

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Overall, it was a pleasant evening with good people, nice music and many friendly faces, it’s just a shame the bar ran out of white wine, amongst other drinks. A lesson to Mint Lounge……. Keep your bar fully stocked in future!!!

Soul Control Verdict:
Well done on gathering Manchester’s finest (the old skool peeps) into one venue.

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Soul Control - 3 Star Review