Seductive Soul @ The Saracens Head Friday 28th December 2007

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Seductive Soul @ The Saracens Head Friday 28th December 2007
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Seductive Soul is the monthly connoisseur’s choice event which is held at the Saracens head in the leafy suburb of Lymm South Manchester (aka Cheshire)! I was really looking forward to this night having been so impressed with the previous months offering. On my arrival, I immediately noticed that the Woolpack oops the Saracens Head was more packed than the previous month. I don’t know whether this was down to the night’s increasing popularity or just the fact it was their festive season special, but the first impressions I received as I walked through the door were good. Being a “New Head” to this specific scene I was now

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beginning to recognise the various new faces that I’ve met over the last few months, so I thought sod it and got all the hugs, kisses, hand-shakes and fist-touches out of the way nice and early so I could settle down into the flow of the night. The music didn’t quite reach the heights that DJ Miranda took us to during the November shindig, but it was more than palatable and the dance-floor was packed most of the night.

The one thing that I have noticed though is that there seems to be a very loyal but closed community who follow the same trail to specific events on this circuit. They seem very eager to expand this scene but are also very protective of it which I find admirable. I had a healthy debate, with Pauline, Bob, Horace and H about what was wrong with the current Soul scene, what was right with it and how we all thought it should progress!! I was really impressed with their passion for Soul Music and having a good and safe time whilst being out especially as they weren’t the promoters of the event but were just merely Devoted Disciples of Soul Music!

There were wall-to-wall people getting their groove on and although I lost track of the latter part of the night because of the intriguing conversations that I was caught up in, judging by the joyous looks on the faces of the masses in attendance, all was safe and well at the Woolpack sorry again the Saracens Head. The music was of the usual fare, mostly connoisseur quality Soul but there was a healthy sprinkling of the more popular tracks like “Just in case” by Jaheim and a few others. Seductive Soul finishes at The Saracens Head in March and is on the look out for a new venue. The main man Chris says that they have two or three possibilities and hopefully a new venue will be announced very soon.

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