Elegance @ Moso Moso NYE 2007

Soul Control - Elegance NYE

Elegance @ Moso Moso Thai Restaurant, Oxford Road, Manchester. Saturday 29th September 2007
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It only happens once a year so I was looking forward to bringing in the New Year at Moso Moso. Me and my friends arrived at 11.15pm not wanting to be in a queue at midnight (has that ever happened to you)? On getting inside, I was surprised at how empty the venue was as I had assumed that it was going to be rammed with all the pre-gig hype. At midnight we all counted down to the chimes of Big Ben, and then Li’l Kim "Lighters Up" was the tune that heralded in the New Year. Leaky Fresh played a mainly upfront set with the highlights being new tunes by Mary J Blige and Jaheim. More people started to arrive but this wasn’t replicated on the

Soul Control - Elegance NYE

dance-floor as the music was excruciatingly loud!!!! Trust me Manchester, as a member of Soul Control; I know the difference between a Heavyweight Hi-Fidelity Sound System such as Soul Control’s and the high volume, poor quality “public distress….I mean address” system that we had to endure for the evening at Moso Moso!!!!

The few people who were on the dance-floor were dancing with their fingers wedged firmly in their ears which was quite extraordinary and something I’d never seen before! Even the tumbleweed that was rolling across the dance-floor seemed to be trying to find a bolt hole to hide in away from the noise!!! I’ve ran this part of my review past some of the people that were there with me on New Year’s Eve 2007 and they think that I’m grossly understating how bad it really was, but I’m too nice-a-guy to put the boot in!!

At 2am 3-Flow, a local trio from Bury entertained the crowd with a nice little PA which finally got the crowd into the party spirit and a lot of the girls in attendance ebbed toward the front of the make-shift stage. The highlight of 3-Flow’s performance was their debut single "Sending Out". Everybody now seemed ready to party, but the DJ’s failed to deliver and mainly played the usual and predictable old skool classics. There was an absolute lack of vibes and atmosphere inside Moso Moso and overall I was seriously disappointed with the night as it promised so much and yet delivered so little, but I suppose you only get what you pay for!!!  

I thought Moso Moso was going to be so much better. At £10 for a ticket, the admission price was fair for New Years Eve, the venue was nice and of a central location and it was an all-nighter until 6am, what more could we want for a New Year’s Eve event? I’m not even going to comment on the events that took place after I left as the ethos of this website is to say what we’ve seen and call it as we see it, so you won’t get any second-hand regurgitated gossip from us!!!

Soul Control Verdict:
I’ve been as kind as I can be to Moso Moso in this review, but I would be very interested to hear more opinions from anyone who was there, please email your thoughts to info@soulcontrol.co.uk.

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 2 Star Review