Seductive Soul @ The Saracens Head 19th January 2008

Soul Control - Seductive Soul

Seductive Soul @ The Saracens Head 19th January 2008
Review - T2 Bad

…..And over at the Woolpack!!!!

The natives were certainly looking fresh after their recent festive season exploits!! On my arrival the first thing I had to do was to walk through the tunnel of death!!! I can hear you all asking what the tunnel of death is. Well with the enforcement of the recent smoking ban there was a posse of “Wimmin” stood at the entrance which made me halt sharply before I entered The Saracens head. I gulped as the “Wimmin” went silent and levelled their collective gazes at me, so being the “man” that I am I took a deep breath pointed my gaze to the floor and shuffled pass them.

Most men would have loved that kind of collective attention but as you all know T2 Bad is a timid soul! LOL!!

Soul Control - Elegance NYE

Anyway as I walked in, the venue was rocking away and it hit me again that there seemed to be more “Wimmin” than men which is no bad thing…..well at least for us blokes anyway!!! I recall the main man Chris Priestly saying that he had serious cause for concern over the music policy at the last event and that he was personally going to ensure that the January shindig went back to Soul music basics and the DJ’s certainly didn’t disappoint.

I wouldn’t say the music on offer was all safe; it was more of an engaging mixture of what you’d probably know with what you’d probably forgot existed with no real surprises. There was the usual warm and welcoming feeling at Seductive Soul which is one of its endearing qualities. The January event was quieter than the usual offering, but this was only to be expected considering most of us are still counting the cost of Christmas.

Seductive Soul moves to pastures new in February….well not exactly new, more like back to the future as the Connoisseurs choice moves back to its former home at the Nags Head, Chester Road in Millington Cheshire. The future looks secure for Seductive Soul and long may it continue.

Soul Control Verdict:
The venue wasn’t as packed as usual due to the festive season hang-over and the safe music policy was probably a wise one all things considered. All the same, a good night was had by all as the Seductive Soul wagon rolled on to pastures new.

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 3 Star Review