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Elegance @ Moso Moso Thai Restaurant, Oxford Road, Manchester. Saturday 29th September 2007 - Review 1
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Elegance has had an up and down existence since its promising launch in the summer of 2007 and the January 2008 event was more down than up. There were roughly 40 to 50 people there from what I could see and at one point of the night DJ BLZ stopped the music and stood in the middle of the dance floor to explain to the patrons that because most of us were “broke arse's” after the Christmas festivities, that this was the reason why the night was so severely down on numbers. Personally I wouldn’t describe myself as a “broke arse” even though like the majority of the nation the festive season does leave a hole in your pocket.

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I suppose there was an element of truth in what DJ BLZ claimed, but it could have been put across in a more appropriate way as some sensitive souls might not have seen the funny side of his sentiments.

Anyway the night was struggling for any kind of consistency as the music seemed to be modern one minute and old school Soul the next and then back again with no real flow to the proceedings. The DJ’s on the night were the Tag Team Tuff DT back to back with Delight along with residents BLZ and Leaky Fresh and I suppose they did all they could to lift the atmosphere which is difficult with so few to entertain. One DJ explained to me that the reason that the music was so all over the place was because there wasn’t really a majority of anyone genre of people to play to because the crowd were so diverse and so few.

The common consensus amongst most of the clubbers in attendance was that they were trying to make the most of the night anyway because after all they had shelled out the £12 admission fee. It was pointed out to me by one person that there seemed to be a lot of “younger people” in there which isn’t a bad thing as far as I’m concerned as long as everyone assimilates as one. For those who want a club full of senior citizens, Saga and the Darby and Joan club would be a good place to start!!!!

Moso Moso have also changed the admission criteria as you can no longer wear trainers to the venue because they are trying to attract an up-market crowd, so be warned if you plan to attend in the future!!! Personally I found the night hard going and I felt for the DJ’s who try as they might, couldn’t raise the entertainment on offer much beyond a flat-line level. Elegance was a dreary affair but this could be put down to post festive season blues.

Soul Control Verdict:
It was hard work trying to enjoy the night with so few people, but most places are down on attendance in January as reported in other reviews on the Soul Control website in 2008 so far. I don’t know what the future holds for Elegance at Moso Moso but hopefully they can regain the early momentum that the night had before not too long.

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Soul Control - 1 Star Review


Elegance @ Moso Moso Thai Restaurant, Oxford Road, Manchester. Saturday 29th September 2007 - Review 2
Review - Sweet P

Having been to one of the better nights down at Moso Moso, a friend decided it would be nice to mark a couple of special occasions by celebrating with family and friends at this stylish venue.  She said how much she had enjoyed Elegance a couple of months before and that the restaurant was quality. It was!  It was much busier than expected - there was a good atmosphere, good service, nice food and even nicer wine! in nice surroundings.

The DJs were setting up as we arrived then left some mellow Soul to play as we wined and dined.  We were a little surprised as we expected the Soul night to

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be upstairs, away from the restaurant, but once everyone has finished eating, the staff moved the tables and chairs and made way for ‘Elegance’.

People started filtering in slowly but surely.  DJ’s Delight & Tuff DT were spinning dance classics for most of the night, with BLZ playing the likes of Mary J Blige and Angie Stone later on.   The crowd was mixed with a few ‘faces’ in attendance and everyone was well-dressed which was in keeping with the venue.  The security is secure!  No messing. No sh*t.  In general though, the night was flat and people were trying to make the most of it!!!  However, this must be the worst time in the year for any event - the end of January!  Folk are feeling the cost of Christmas; plus ‘Blackburn’ was on which is a well-established Soul night in the North West.  Now, I personally think that there is a catch-22 situation for Elegance.  If the Soul ’eads of Manchester read not-so-good reviews about the joint then they are not going to pay up to £15 to go.  But...  if people don’t go then the night will never take off!  So, first of all, there should be one set price for getting in on the door and a set price for members.

I get the feeling that there is some confusion caused by the different amounts being charged (ie; whether you’re a member, if you go before a certain time, if you go after a certain time, if you buy a ticket, etc) and people are reluctant to turn up on the night to pay for something where they may or may not get value for money!  Secondly, there is a Soul night going on... at a modern venue... with good DJs... every month... in the heart of Manchester.  So folks, it’s up to you... you need to get down there and make it happen! In order to obtain your membership card text 07852 130713 with your full name, date of birth and e-mail address – you must have all three details.  This will get you in on 23rd Feb for £2.50.  £5.00 on the door.

For future events, members will be charged £6.00 (with possible free admission for special events), tickets £10.00 or £12.00 on the door.
Elegance will soon be promoting its next celebratory Soul night to be held on 23rd February.  This is Bullitz’ Birthday Bash and the website launch - so get your membership cards, get on down and start doing what Manchester people know how to do best... part-eee!!! 

Soul Control Verdict:
This was a subdued night with not much atmosphere or spark.  Hopefully the party on 23rd February will see more people in attendance and as a result the night will flourish.

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 1 Star Review