Soul Night – King George’s Hall, Blackburn Saturday 26th January 2008

Soul Control - Soul Night

Elegance @ Moso Moso Thai Restaurant, Oxford Road, Manchester. Saturday 29th September 2007
Review - Pauline

I feel that Blackburn has lost its sparkle, I’ve been going there on a regular basis for the last five years and that’s the quietest I’ve ever seen it, not much different to the December flop. Personally I don’t think it’s really been the same since they moved the Soul room or maybe I’m a just creature of habit?

I don’t think I will be going back there in a hurry and if Saturday 26th’s attendance was anything to go by, I think a lot of others will share my sentiments!

Soul Control - Soul Night

Soul Control Verdict:

A long way to travel for a mediocre night!!!


Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 1 Star Review