Soul Grooves @ The Gateway Hotel, Saturday 31st May 2008

Soul Control - Soul Grooves

Soul Grooves @ The Gateway Hotel, Saturday 31st May 2008
Review - Marina

The weekend arrives!!! The last few Soul Grooves events at Gateway Hotel had gone well, so me, my sister and friend decided to go to their May offering. We arrived at around 11:30pm and found that the pub downstairs was very busy due to a hen party.

On entering the Soul room I was quite taken aback because there were only a handful of faces that I knew and the rest had seemingly come from downstairs. The promoter must have been grateful for their presence because that’s how Soul Grooves was for the rest of the night!!

Soul Control - Soul Grooves

When we arrived a lady called Miranda was playing some tunes which I found good to listen to, but the crowd weren't saying that much. This was the first time that I’d been to The Gateway and wasn’t feeling the vibes and the atmosphere was touch and go all night. A few more familiar faces came in a little later and they looked as if they were wondering “is this the night that everyone was talking about”?
Time was getting on so I went outside with my friend and there were 3 ladies (the HRT crew) that had come for the Soul night who were complaining about the music and they were saying “It's not what we were expecting to hear”!! They wanted to listen to Luther Vandross, Alexander O'Neil, Barry White and some other artist and weren’t happy at all with what was on offer. Having said that, they eagerly gave us the gory details of their collective menopausal states (Too much information), so perhaps this might explain why they were so uptight about the music on the night!!! I explained that if they wanted to voice their opinions, to log on to the Soul Control websites’ Meet & Chat forum, and that I was sure that they would add to the already healthy debate.
Soul Grooves was coming to an end and the music didn't really pick up any. This was especially highlighted for me when the DJ played 'Wifey'. Don’t get me wrong I like the tune, but let me explain it this way. Remember back in the day when you would wash your blue jeans and continuously rinse them to get the dye out? Well I'll say no more!!! 

Soul Control Verdict:
The end of the night did not leave me feeling positive about their next event, but from now until their next event on July 26th 2008 who knows how I’ll end up feeling about Soul Grooves. It has it's similarities to other Soul events, but for me, I feel it's time for a change in some area's and it would do Soul Grooves no harm to reflect on this. 

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 3 Star Review