TSOP @ Longfield Suite Friday 6th June 2008

Soul Control - TSOP

Omarion Concert – The Sheridan Suite Manchester Tuesday 8th April 2008
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TSOP has experienced a resurgence in terms of entertainment over the last 3 months or so, but sadly this has not been translated into a significant increase in attendance figures. The summer months of June, July and August are notoriously difficult for promoters for many reasons eg: holidays, the weather and school holidays whereby the working parents of young children have the added expense of extra childcare costs, all of which put more pressure on your pocket.

Soul Control - TSOP

Seductive Soul apart, I’ve witnessed a drop in attendances at most venues in recent months which could possibly be explained away by the sharp rise in the cost of living and fuel in particular; people seem to be picking and choosing where they are going more carefully as most of us are feeling the pinch of the global credit crunch. All the same, TSOP is ingrained in the heart of Manchester’s Quality and Northern Soul fraternity, but the event provides them with a source of worry as to where their bastion of Soul is going in the future. Discussions were rife with the regulars on this score which shows just how much they care about the event.

TSOP has been running for many years, so because I’m a newbie, I tend to take a back seat and listen to what the TSOP-ites have to say in respect to the event and they are seriously worried as to where it’s going!!! I listened as one group lamented that the promoters didn’t act quickly enough when there was a downturn in attendances 18 months ago. Another discussion centred on the validity of the Northern Soul Arena, but granted, none of the people concerned in the conversation struck me as Northern Soul aficionados, so their views might have been coloured by this. The effects of the smoking ban were also mentioned as a possible cause of the downturn in attendances, but which ever way you look at it and from the murmurings from the TSOP faithful, the event needs a root and branch review from the promoters.

On a brighter note, the music at the event has improved massively since I first attended TSOP. The promoters took notice on that score and at least this has given TSOP the firm foundations to regain some of the momentum that it lost last year. The music in June didn’t quite get the crowd moving as much as it has done recently, but the recent displays by the fresh DJ 2008 line-up have set high standards which will be hard to attain month in, month out.

Soul Control Verdict:
TSOP has now reached a critical point where everything should be looked at. Judging by the feelings of the regulars, nothing should be ruled in or out to turn the event into what it once was. Perhaps the regulars might want to take this up with the events hierarchy because TSOP isn’t about the Longfield Suite or the DJ’s as they can be replaced, it is about the faithful who have supported it for many years and the hardcore of them who continue to do so. It’s time for you to stand up and be counted and relay your feelings to the power’s that be, because I’m sure they will take your views on board and do what is necessary to make TSOP Manchester’s premier Quality Soul event once again. Let’s be honest, times change and perhaps the original model that TSOP was based on is now dated and needs revision? I don’t know, but one thing I do know is that it’s time to start the debate.

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 2 Star Review