DJ Case & The Twins Birthday Party @ Moso Moso 14th June 2008

Soul Control - DJ Case & The Twins Birthday Party

DJ Case & The Twins Birthday Party @ Moso Moso 14th June 2008
Review - Sweet P

I think it would be fair to say that “da ‘ole a Manchester” knew that this was gonna be a big’un before the party even started.  And they were right - what a party it was!!!
On arrival, at about 11.30pm, Bizzi B warmed the crowd and filled the dance-floor by playing some good old tunes in the main room downstairs.  The venue was filling up fast and it was good to see so many ‘faces’ from back in the day.

Soul Control - DJ Case

There was a fabulous party atmosphere and everybody appeared to be in good spirits.  Upstairs “a DJ” was playing... what WAS he playing? And although there were a handful of people dancing, most seemed to be upstairs either for the bar or the buffet!

Back downstairs.  Having played an excellent set, Bizzi then handed over to Soul Control who did what Soul Control do best... they hyped up the par-tee!!  They played mainly 80’s dance tracks, they chatted on the mic, they teased us without it, and nearly killed us with’ve got it, da BASS!!!! How folk could stand so close to Soul Control’s speakers (if that’s what they were!!) God only knows, but their ears must still be ringing today!  By this time downstairs was rammed, but a good rammed.  There were whistles and horns being blown and the crowd seemed to be having a ball.  It was just like a good old fashioned Soul Control party from way back when.  The only negative aspect of the night really was the bar which was understaffed and overpriced. It took far too long to get served and, when you did, the drinks were expensive. They also ran out of most drinks by about 3am!! Moso Moso obviously didn’t expect this kind of turn-out!!!!

If you read my last review re Relish (Rare Groove night), I harped on about the fact that DJ’s should play different or new music coz it’s usually the same ole same ole tunes that are being played.  For tonight, however, it wouldn’t have worked for anything different to be played because of the nature of the night. It was a back- in-the-day-crowd with back- in -the- day music and it worked a treat!!! 
As I was outside talking to a certain Mr Stephens, I got a text message to say ‘They’re all shouting for Mike’... I think he felt that he couldn’t top Soul Control’s performance but he went on the decks and did his business. 

As soon as he played the first tune the crowd went crazy... and stayed crazy throughout most of his set in which he predominantly played the great ‘Manchester’ Soul anthems. The party was supposed to end at 4am but it was about 4.15am before the first sizable amount of people started to filter out. This was all except the die-hards who know that Soul Control will play until they’re ready to finish!!! The party drew to a close with Soul Control playing another few tracks after Mike Stephen’s set and the night ended beautifully at 5am with the Roy Ayers’ classic ‘Sunshine’ – and step into the sunshine we did!!!

Soul Control Verdict:
My only concern was the bar service and bar prices. All in all though, it was an excellent party atmosphere in a plush venue where all the DJ’s did Manchester proud!!!!

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 4 Star Review