Seductive Soul @ Cheshire Saturday 21st June 2008

Soul Control - Seductive Soul

Seductive Soul @ Cheshire Saturday 21st June 2008
Review - Marina

Having seen how the weather was deteriorating throughout the day, I was wondering whether to take my rain coat and welly’s out into the sticks!! I was looking forward to Seductive Soul as the perfect remedy to brighten up the dreary feeling that the bad weather had bought. For the first time me, my sister and a friend made our own way to The Cheshire Lounge, so I attempted to set up the sat-nav and quickly realised I didn’t have a clue how to work it!!

Thankfully, once we got on Princess Parkway, it was easy enough to find our way. We arrived at the Cheshire Lounge at 12:45am which is quite late for us.

Soul Control - Seductive Soul

Seductive Soul was busy and there were quite a few familiar faces around too.

On entering the main function area, I was surprised to see that it was pretty quite!! You could actually see the bar staff for once!! After speaking to a few people they were a bit concerned about the style of music earlier on. However it did pick up after a while when Jim Hargreaves came on and played the usual Seductive Classics.

After going to the bar I turned and noticed that the room had filled mainly with the people who had been outside in the smoking area. By the end of the night Seductive Soul was well in swing with all manner of dancers dipping high and dipping low!!! Ooh what a way to end the night!!

Soul Control Verdict:
Seductive Soul wasn’t it’s usual lively self, but it’s still the place to be on a monthly basis. Because of our late arrival, the crowd seemed a bit up and down and it was hard to gauge why because we hadn’t been there earlier. Overall though, we enjoyed a good end to a good night. 

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 3 Star Review