Seductive Soul @ Cheshire Lounge Saturday 23rd August 2008

Soul Control - Seductive Soul

Seductive Soul @ Cheshire Lounge Saturday 23rd August 2008
Review - Macka

After the short drive out to ‘the sticks’ I arrived at The Cheshire Lounge at around 11:30pm paid the £7.00 entrance fee got a drink from the Bar and went for a look around. The place was busy even though it was still quite early, after spending about half an hour mingling and saying hi to friends old and new I ventured downstairs to the main room to claim a spot around the dance floor and check out the music being played.

The last time I came to this night in July I have to say the music was not what I have come to expect from the Seductive Soul nights I have been to in the past and I was a bit apprehensive as to what to expect this time round.

Soul Control - Seductive Soul

The guest DJ for the night was Soul-Master D who had just come on and started his set off with some 80’s / 90’s classics which we all know and love and had the crowd happily bopping away. After about 45mins of him playing some top tunes I was well and truly lost in the 80’s along with the rest of the crowd and was impressed with his choice of records, playing some tunes that I haven’t heard played since back in the Day! Soul-Master D then brought things more up to date playing a quality selection of classic R&B and modern soul through to the end of his set – which overall was one of the best DJ set’s I have heard so far this year!! – He never once dropped a beat and kept the dance floor rammed throughout!

Apparently this was Soul-Master D’s debut appearance at Seductive Soul, I sincerely hope it’s not his last and I for one will be keeping an eye out for him in the future. Jim Hargreaves was next up on the decks and continued in keeping with groove that Soul-Master D had started and played the night out with a nice blend of old and new Soul classics.

By 1am the place was pretty rammed with the revellers all enjoying the quality music and laid back, friendly atmosphere that this venue seems to generate. I think one reason the place was busier than usual was due to the fact that Soul-Out’s Barca night which was due to take place on the same night was unfortunately cancelled. Quite a few people I spoke to didn’t know Barca wasn’t on and went to find the place closed and made the journey out to Cheshire instead. Most of them were pleasantly surprised to discover this hidden gem out in the sticks and I’m sure many of them will be back again.

Soul Control Verdict:
This was the best Seductive Soul night I have been to this year, mainly due to the excellent set played by the guest DJ Soul-Master D which for me was the highlight of the night. After the last couple of nights I have been to at the Cheshire Lounge which were disappointing with regard to the music played, this night was a refreshing return to form for Seductive. Keep this up and this night will continue to go from strength to strength!!!! 

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control -4 Star Review