Love 90's R&B @ Label, Bank Holiday Sunday 24th August 2008

Soul COntrol - Love 90's R&B

Omarion Concert – The Sheridan Suite Manchester Tuesday 8th April 2008
Review - Tiffany

Another August Bank Holiday has come and gone and there were a few Soul nights on as is usual at this time of the year, but me and my girls decided to go to the 90’s inspired Label night.

PIC, Stretch and DJ Miller were on the bill and in my opinion they were the best DJ’s for my age-group back then, so I seriously couldn’t wait to see how the night would unfold.

We arrived at Label at 11.30-ish and there were maybe 50 peeps in there at the time and the DJ’s were playing a good selection of what I would class as warm-up tunes.

Soul Control - Love 90s

After about an hour or so, the club was starting to fill nicely, Label wasn’t rammed to capacity but there was a nice amount of peeps present and good peeps at that!!! As the night progressed, the DJ’s started to respond to the crowd as we all started to get down low and dirty on the dance-floor!!! The DJ’s were on a short rotation and the tunes that they were playing reminded me of why we chose to go to Label ahead of everywhere else!!!

The whole club was bouncing and buzzing with excitement to the sound of the B-line!!!! The DJ’s PIC, Stretch and DJ Miller definitely didn’t fail to deliver and again I couldn’t stop smiling and thinking to myself how glad I was that I chose to go to Label instead of the other options that were available that weekend!!!! Me and my girls were in our element!!! Musically there was a selection of early to mid-90’s classics being played from the likes of Tevin Campbell, R Kelly, Aaliyah to Boys 2 Men and Silk and everything else in between!!! It was also good to bump into so many peeps who were around at that specific era in time, as it made the night as authentic as it could possibly get!!! Well done to the promoters on that score!!!

Soul Control Verdict:
Apart from the randomer’s who came from the bar upstairs and who looked a little out of place, Label was full of my kind of people and was playing my kind of music and it was my kind of classy place!!!  I seriously enjoyed this night!!!!

If you listen to and remember Biggie, Faith Evans, 702, Mary J, Total and 112, then Label would definitely have been your kind of night out too!!! My only real complaint would be that the bar was too expensive!!!! So don’t reach to Label if you’re on a £10 budget!!!! *LOL* :)


Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 4 Star Review