Love 90's R&B @ Label, Saturday 27th September 2008

Soul Control - Love 90s R&B Review

Love 90's R&B @ Label, Saturday 27th September 2008
Review - Tiffany

My girls and I were so looking forward to this weekend! I’d gone home after the last event bragging and boasting to everyone about how good Label was in August, but quietly though I was hoping that I wouldn’t be disappointed this time around and leave myself looking foolish!!!!!!!

Disappointed; I certainly was not (thank god)!!! Clicking our heels down Deansgate we finally reached the venue just after 11pm but parking in Manchester City Centre was a nightmare as usual!! I had a feeling that Label was gonna be busier than the last time and it came as no surprise that we had to queue for some time to get in.

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It was now 11.45pm and we’d been queuing for over 15 minutes before we finally gained entry. Once inside Label we couldn’t believe how rammed it was, and considering how late most Mancunian’s come out, I was hoping that the management would be sensible about the number of people they would let in!!!

Getting over to the bar was hard work and when we got there it was 4 peeps deep!!!! After 15 minutes we were finally served and we immediately found ourselves a comfortable corner and settled down for the night. The music was what I expected with a nice mix of 90’s R&B and Soul from Biggie, Mary J, Usher, Case, Total et al. Throughout the night the Label was becoming more and more full to the point where it was uncomfortable and we were being bumped all over the place by anyone who tried to get pass.

The DJ’s were entertaining enough, and were trying to see which tune would get the crowd hyped up. To get us to that super-hyped mental state, the DJ’s dropped what the ladies love; The Slow Jams!!! Being a fully fledged member of the ‘sing-a-long’ crew, I was in my element with the main tracks in this section of the night coming from Tevin Campbell, Usher, Keith Sweat, Chantay Moore and Mariah Carey to name but a few.

As the night was winding down, the lights came on at 2.30am which was half an hour earlier than advertised!!!! The management of Label wanted to shut the night early because of a few peeps who were smoking!!! Now for anybody who doesn’t know the law; it has been illegal to smoke in clubs or pubs, since July 2007!!!! The club’s management had every right to close the night early because at the end of the day it was their licence at risk!!!!

The only real problem that I had with Love 90’s R&B at Label was the abject lack of Security personnel on the night which was highlighted by the smoking issue. There were hardly any Security on the main door upstairs and none that I could see downstairs. I’m sure that if there was an adequate Security presence, they could have dealt with the few smoking perpetrators instead of the management having to resort to closing the venue early!!!

Soul Control Verdict:
Tensions began to rise in Label because of the smoking issue and yet again the few spoiled a perfectly enjoyable evening for the many and I believe the promoters should stand up and take full responsibility for this!!! Security should come first and be a paramount concern for all club promoters!!!! It might cost a little extra but for law abiding citizens like myself, it would definitely give me that extra peace of mind.


Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 4 Star Review