Soul Out – Mint Lounge Friday 17th October 2008

Soul Control Soul Out

Soul Out – Mint Lounge Friday 17th October 2008
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Hey great news folks, I went to Soul Out – Mint Lounge last night and actually found a parking spot which was less than a mile from the venue!!!! When I arrived I thought to myself, even if the night itself was crap, at least I got a good parking spot which would have been consolation enough for me!!! J

Not to worry though, because after I fought my way through the smoking masses outside and got into the venue, whilst the club wasn’t packed it was full enough and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

DJ Alex Badass was playing when I arrived so I got myself a drink and settled into the corner where all the attending DJ’s seemed to be stood. (Why do we all seem to end up standing together?)

It was a bit manic when I first arrived because as I was talking to DJ’s Dr D and Mike Stephens, I had roughly six friends who surrounded me wanting to talk about different things all at once!!!! It was surreal I can tell you because none of them even considered if I could possibly take in all those conversations all at once!!! Anyway, it was nice to feel wanted so I just smiled and nodded and let them get on with it. *LOL* J

Alex was playing what we’ve come to expect from him and the crowd were showing their appreciation by staying on the dance-floor throughout his set.

Soul Control Soul Out

There was the usual mix of mid-tempo classic and new Soul tracks being played which kept the night bubbling along nicely, so whilst this was happening I set about taking a few pictures for this review.

Whilst walking around the Mint Lounge I bumped into The Guvnor from Soul Control, who was out on one of his colleagues’ leaving do. I stopped for a brief chat with him and he told me that him and his leaving party buddies were having a ball. This was his first time at Soul Out-Mint Lounge and he was reasonably impressed with what he saw.

Mike Stephens came on later in the evening and to all our surprise, he played an up-tempo set mixed with both Quality and Street Soul.  The crowd again extended their appreciation especially when he played Kirk Franklins – ‘Looking For You’ and tracks by C&C Music Factory et al. I really enjoy Soul Out-Mint Lounge because of the friendly Northern Quarter inspired atmosphere and the different crowd it attracts. It makes a seriously refreshing change from the norm.

Soul Control Verdict:

Soul Out-Mint Lounge makes a refreshing change from the norm and it is somewhere I would definitely recommend you check out if you haven’t already been. It’s a different kind of night than you would expect if you saw Mike and Alex on the bill. Even though the music is near enough the same, the crowd and the atmosphere are distinctly more cosmopolitan with a greater mix of young and old alike.

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 3 Star Review