Unique Soul Vibes – Britannia Hotel, Standish 18th October 2008

Soul Control - Unique Soul Vibes

Unique Soul Vibes – Britannia Hotel, Standish 18th October 2008
Review - Tuff DT

It’s been 2 months since I’ve been out clubbing, so me and my best mate DJ Delite made arrangements to check out Piniche Entertainment’s Unique Soul Vibes.

We made the 40 minute drive from Manchester to Standish and finding the place no problem at all. We arrived around 11.45pm thinking that was a good time for the place to be in a nice party mood. On entering the Britannia Hotel we were greeted by the doormen who we knew from Manchester and had a quick chat with them before entering the main room.

Unique Soul Vibes

Once we entered the plush main room, we were surprised by the amount of people that were in, the best side 20 people to my count. We headed to where the DJ and promoter of the night Steve Owen was spinning the tunes and had a quick chat with him. Before too long I needed a drink and to be honest, thoughts were crossing my mind about staying or going, but we decided to stay and see if anymore punters turned up.

We took our spot and listened to the tunes being played which were a really good selection of Neo-Soul, 90's Grooves and some kicking beats of smooth Rap tunes which made our feet tap. We got into the groove of the night and our changed mood became infectious because others finally started to dance as well.

The sound system could have done with some attention because it sounded OK on the dance-floor but from the bar area it was really distorted. The function room where Unique Soul Vibe is held is very big so therefore it needed a big powerful rig to handle such a large space.

By 1.15am the good music was still flowing but the amount of people only increased by an extra 10 or so, so me and Delite decided it was time make a move and head home.

Soul Control Verdict:
Before we left I had a chat with the promoter Steve and told him the only thing that lets this night down is the distance!! People aren’t prepared to travel so far anymore which is a shame. On the other hand, the music was refreshing, no Wifey, Just in Case or commercial R&B tunes were played. I'd recommend the event be moved to a venue closer to Manchester because I think Unique Soul Vibe would attract many more people.

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 3 Star Review