Seductive Soul – Cheshire Lounge Saturday 18th October 2008

Soul Control - Seductive Soul

Seductive Soul – Cheshire Lounge Saturday 18th October 2008
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It was my time of the month again, (I can imagine your filthy minds trying to work that one out) and time for me to head out into the Cheshire heartlands for Seductive Soul. I met a couple of friends for drinks beforehand and then we set off to see what was in store for us at the connoisseurs’ choice.

We arrived just after 12am and on our way in I passed my cousin’s daughter and her entourage on their way out!!!

Soul Control - Seductive Soul

I was surprised to see Claire and her coven there so I asked where she was off to. She replied tersely, ‘We’re off to town’ (Manchester City Centre), so I asked her why and she replied ‘We want somewhere more lively than here’!!!

Now our Claire and her squad are young twenty-something’s and I can only surmise that they aren’t quite ready for the Quality Soul scene at their age and to be honest it was bumping into her and her friends on a night out a few years ago that made me move away from the cut and thrust of the R&B scene because they made me feel my age!!!!

I just felt awkward being around her and her mates on a night out, especially as she’s respectful enough to call me Uncle Tony in public! Her presence just makes me feel like and old man at a Yoof club!!

Anyway I gave her a hug and wished them all a safe journey back. Phew, now I could get on with my night without the kids in my family being around!!!

DJ Alex Badass was on the bill for Seductive’s October offering, so I was more than interested to see how he would fare. Seductive wasn’t as full as it has been recently, but there were more than enough people to make a night of it. Seductive’s main man Chris Priestley was on when I arrived and he was playing a selection of mellow to mid-tempo grooves. It was only then that I understood why our Claire and her mates left because if the music isn’t past 120 BPM and got P Diddy rapping on it, they ain’t interested!!!!

Chris played a Soulful House selection toward the end of his set and proceeded to call his own selection rubbish which I found strange! It wasn’t rubbish in my opinion, it was perhaps just not appropriate to play it at that time. Anyway I took the opportunity to go out to the smoking area to see who else was in. Whilst out there, I bumped into my mates Carlton and Cookie who seem to have become Seductive regulars over the last few months. After chatting to them and the owner of the Cheshire Lounge Dave Perkins about the dreaded UK tax system, I went back downstairs into the main arena where Alex had started his set.

Alex moved swiftly through the gears and played an up tempo selection of modern and classic Soul which filled the dance-floor. Alex knows how to take care of business and it was interesting to hear how many people had turned up just because he was on the bill!!! Alex didn’t disappoint his fan-base and they certainly appreciated his efforts.

Jim Hargreaves took to the turntables after Alex and did what Jim does. The dance-floor remained mostly full until around 2.30am-ish when the pace began to tell on the less hardy souls, and people started to slowly drift away. There seems to be a steady flow of new people attending Seductive Soul every month which is encouraging to see and it can’t be denied that the event has become the most consistently attended of its type over the last 12 months.

Soul Control Verdict:
The Seductive Soul band wagon rolled on for another month. It may not have been our Claire’s cup of tea, but having said that her chosen events aren’t my cup of tea either, but I love her all the same!!! Art is in the eye of the beholder and everyone sees things differently. If there's one thing that the Soul Control website reviews have done, it is to showcase the diversity of the Manchester Soul scene and offer everyone an informed, unbiased choice.

The people who turn up to the Cheshire Lounge month after month make their choice and thus the fittest of this fit will alway fare best. We will shortly be doing an assessment of the first anniversary of this website and all reviews contained within it, and it’s only when you look back and see how the face of our Soul scene has changed and flourished during that period, that it becomes blatantly obvious that the standard of entertainment on offer now is vastly superior to what was on offer a year ago.....................and long may it continue!!!

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 3 Star Review