Seductive Soul – The Cheshire Lounge 20th December 2008

Seductive Soul – The Cheshire Lounge

Seductive Soul – The Cheshire Lounge 20th December 2008
Review - Neil

It’s end of the year and it’s the final Seductive Soul for 2008. It didn’t seem a minute since the November Seductive which just goes to show how quickly this year has flown by. I didn’t think I’d end up going out as my girlfriend is not a big fan of the 80’s music scene; however I managed to drag her along.  It was an uncharacteristic mild December evening in Cheshire. We turned up just before midnight and the car park was already full.On getting to the door, there was quite a queue and once inside it was The Cheshire Lounge was quite full. We got our drinks and headed straight down to the main club area where the dance floor was already reasonably full. Geoff Allman provided the 1st DJ set which mostly consisted of mellow grooves which I didn’t find very exciting although there were some good tracks in parts.

I felt this set didn’t really capture the dance floor because of its ‘too’ mellow nature. After an hour the next rotation took place and the 2nd DJ, Gareth Butterworth picked up pace a bit, but he was also finding it hard to light up the dance floor. The highlight of his set was the Barry White - Come On remix.

 I couldn’t get my usual groove on the dance floor and I just found myself swaying and swaying!!! Before I became sea-sick, we took a break and went upstairs.

Soul Control - Seductive Soul

There seemed to be a lot of people upstairs, and perhaps just like me they weren’t feeling the music and just wanted to chat to their mates. The credit crunch didn’t seem to affect the turnout at Seductive as there seemed to be at least 250-300 people in attendance. I must say I didn’t mind the poor mixing, but the tracks were jumping all night which was not good!

The last rotation saw DJ Jim Hargreaves take to the decks and he managed so get the entire dance floor moving with the SOS Band’s – ‘Just Be Good To Me’ being one of the highlights. We left just after 2am so I can’t say what went on afterwards.

Overall Seductive Soul in December was still a good night but not as good as my previous Cheshire outings. It was my girlfriends 1st Seductive Soul and she really liked it. She says she liked the chilled friendly atmosphere which she never found at the Mint Lounge or Barca.  

Soul Control Verdict:

I’ve got to give to Seductive respect for the risks they take by employing different DJ’s every month with different sets and styles. Could this diversity be the secret of their success? Overall I’d say Seductive was the best monthly Soul night of 2008. They did well in December considering the amount of Xmas and New Years’ gigs coming up. I’m looking forward to getting my dancing shoes on to some dirty bass thumping vibes at Soul Control’s NYE gig at Moso Moso, I missed the last one because I was away, but I think The Gallery 20th Anniversary event will be a fitting way for me to end an interesting 2009.

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 3 Star Review