90’s R&B @ Circle Bar Saturday 27th December 2008

Soul Control - 90’s R&B

90’s R&B @ Circle Bar Saturday 27th December 2008
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It’s the end of the year and party season. I gathered up my girls and went to the Circle Bar with no expectations really simply because it’s not somewhere we would normally go to. We arrive around 11.30pm and thankfully there was no queue. We could here the music from outside the club and judging by the echoes emanating from inside, it sounded a bit empty but the door staff assured us that it would get busy later (well what else would they say)!!

We had to sign in which was a bit of a pain, but rules is rules and with Circle being a full members club, it was either sign in or go home. When we finally got through the Circle Club’s initiation ceremony, there were only about 30 peeps in there!

We weren’t impressed! But then after being handed a glass of Rose Champagne I thought ok this is cool!! By the time my drink was finished the club was rammed!!!  The music that the DJ’s played ranged from the 90’s to the current day. With a bit of Jay-Z here,  a touch of Beyonce there the night looked promising! The DJ’s then took us right back to the mid-90’s with a healthy dose of Biggie and Faith Evans, I absolutely loved it. Me and the girls cleared our throats and the sing a long crew finally appeared!!

90s R&B Circle Bar

At one stage we tried to go outside to get some air, but the door staff told us that if went out at this stage they couldn’t guarantee us that we’d get back in!! When we stuck our heads out to see what the situation was, the entrance to the club was absolutely chocker!! I heard a few people screwing that they couldn’t get in even though they had tickets!!! I don’t think that the promoters were expecting that many people, maybe that’s why they chose a venue like Circle. It’s a cute venue with a touch of class, but over all quite small.

As the night progressed, the tunes were flowing one after the other, so were the drinks!!! The bar staff were really good and the service was quick and polite. My only problem with the bar was that the Circle was expensive with a brandy and coke coming in at a hefty £8!! I’m not cheap but have the Circle Bar not heard about the credit crunch??????????

Soul Control Verdict:

Overall it was a very enjoyable night. I crawled into my bed at 5.00am, and woke up 4 hours later with the hangover from hell!!!!!!!! It was definitely a great night!!!
Thanx Guys XoX.

Soul Control Rating:

Soul Control - 4 Star Review