The Mint Lounge Review Complaint

Soul Control - Mint Lounge

The Mint Lounge Review Complaint
Received Monday 31st March 2008

We have recently received a complaint from the head sound engineer of The Mint Lounge, Manchester regarding the inaccuracies contained in the Soul Out review Friday 29th February 2008.  We have endeavoured to explain any misunderstandings regarding Anastasios Sotiriou who was incorrectly described as the “Hippy type Dude”, which as his picture shows, couldn’t be further from the truth!!!

In the interest of fairness and your right to reply, we have published the correspondence between the two parties to show there’s no hard feelings. May we also add that Anastasios or tAs as he like to be known, is a great sport and has agreed to be Soul Control’s online expert Sound Reinforcement correspondent, so if any interested parties want professional, independent advice regarding PA Sound Systems, just drop tAs a line @ and mark it for his attention. As a sound engineer, he comes very highly recommended!!!!

If you agree or disagree with anything published on the Soul Control website, please drop us a line and let us know your thoughts and we will be more than happy to publish them. This is your website....USE IT!!!!! 

Soul Control

Soul Control - Mint Lounge

From: Anastasios Sotiriou
Date: 31 March 2008 13:49:27 GMT-08:00
Subject: For the attention of T2 Bad


I'm tAs, the resident sound guy at Mint Lounge.  I've read your review for the last Soul Out at Mint and thought to point out a couple of things to you.

Firstly, you have failed to notice the installation of two extra double 18'' Turbo-Sound subs in the main dance-floor, the repositioning and rewiring of the main PA as well as the new speakers and amps.

Do you think all that might have something to do with the sound being more powerful? Secondly, I have attached a picture of me. Have a look and tell me what it is that makes me look like a Hippy?? Maybe it's not just your lack of technical knowledge but a vision problem as well?

I just think you should be doing your homework first before going out writing personal attacks and slandering people you don't know!!!

Hope you do better next time!



On 31 Mar 2008, at 09:00, wrote:

Hi Tas,

Thanks for your email, there was no offence intended!! The last time I paid attention to the sound engineer in there was when they had a live band on and there was a drippy looking hippy dude type who was doing the engineering.
Actually I am a qualified sound & studio engineer of 25 years experience and Soul Control have a custom PA system with over 120,000 watts worth of Crown power to call upon. I have always been of the opinion that the sound reproduction at the Mint Lounge was weak and to your credit whatever improvements that you have made certainly made me sit up and take notice and that’s why I commented on it!!!!

On the night in question I didn't see anyone where the sound system control gear was re-positioned, so I just assumed it was the same hippy type dude who was in charge at the live performance where the sound reproduction was so weak. There are four of you on the photo that you sent, which one are you? If I'd have known it was you who was the engineer, I would have most likely commented that "There was a new Uncle Fester type looking dude doing the engineering!!" As you can see I have a wicked sense of humour, so don't take me too seriously where that's concerned.
Also can I use your picture on our website and quote your correction of the review? I would also very much appreciate it if I could send one of our team over to interview you as part of the foundation of Manchester's music scene. We could do with your thoughts on the importance of good sound reinforcement in a night club setting, is it important or not?

I really appreciate the time you have taken out to email us and we welcome your comments. Hope to hear from you soon!!

Soul Control


From:   Anastasios Sotiriou
Subject:  Re: For the attention of T2Bad + PICTURE
Date:  07/04/2008 21:41:21

Hi Anthony,

Nice one for getting back to me I really appreciate it. No offense taken mate, I just felt we had to put things in the right perspective.

On the picture I'm the third from the left!! Now you know who I am come say hello next time you're at Mint and I'll buy you a drink - it'll be nice to meet you.

You are more than welcome to put picture and mail on the review, it's not a problem at all. The interview thing sounds cool as well, I'll be very happy to contribute so let me know when and where.

Take care and talk soon

Uncle Fester aka tAs