Good Times Pre NYE Party 28th December 2008

Soul Control - Good Times Pre NYE party

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Relish Sunday 28th December 2008

I left out of my house wondering what had happened to global warming!!! I’ve done my bit over the years to help save the planet, recycling my Soul Control - Good Times Pre NYE Partyhouse-hold rubbish, advising the Soul Control boys to fart into air tight paper bags to help save the erosion of the ozone layer etc, but I was thinking to myself I’d gone overboard with my ‘Green Drive’ and sent the planet into global cooling it was that cold this night!!!!

To be honest this was a night to be tucked up with water bottle (I can hear your dirty minds working overtime) not to be braving the arctic elements. Good Times Promotions have had an up and down time at Relish in the recent past.

I appreciated the fact that the main man Tony Gordon was attempting to promote events that were different to the norm, but his efforts seemed to be wearing thin with his rank and file who seemed to crave a more un-scientific night out than what was on offer. In response to this, the festive season offering from Good Times was an absolute return to what they had built their name on......having a party and playing the music their followers know and love.

There was a really nice crowd in attendance and one which any promoter would have been proud of. Relish wasn’t as rammed as the Pre-NYE event of 2007, but it was a lot more packed for the size of the venue than most events that I attended throughout the 2008 Festive period which is a credit to Good Times Promotions.

There were a plethora of DJ’s on offer DJ Man Q, Bizzi B, Kenny B, Bosey Smiley et al, but all the same the night was billed as the return of 90’s champagne party legends, ‘Profile’. On entering Relish, the atmosphere was electric!! I didn’t really pay much attention as to who was playing what and when because most of my time was taken up with meeting up and talking to old friends, but suffice to say all the DJ’s acquitted themselves admirably and kept the dance-floor mostly filled all night which is no mean feat!!!

Soul Control - Good Times Pre NYE PartyProfile finished off the night in style with an extremely well put together set!! They played a mostly late 80’s – early 90’s compliment of music with a few current bombs thrown in for good measure which had the crowd singing along and drooling for more. Some of the people in attendance didn’t quite get it though which was understandable because unless you were about on the underground scene during the late 80’s – early 90’s, it might have seemed like a lot of back in the day tunes that you didn’t know being played in a block which was something that was said to me on a couple of occasions throughout the night. All the same you can’t please all the people all the time, but Profile managed to please the majority most of the time which is all you can ask of a DJ.

The 90’s R&B night at Circle along with the Pre NYE 08 night at Relish were the best attended and most successful events of the festive period that I attended, so I give credit where credit is due to both these night in this time of the credit crunch!!!

Soul Control Verdict:

This night was a welcome return to form for Good Times Promotions. It will be interesting to see which direction Tony takes his event throughout 2009, but judging purely on the overall experience of this last event, Relish will be well worth a look!!

Soul Control Rating:
Soul Control Review - 4 Stars